Monday, February 7, 2011

Seemingly Obvious Troll

WHAT!?!?! No seriously WHAT!?!?!?
yeah its annoying to me too. and in all my years it just gets worse, i used to hope when i woke up one day all the phrases like "You know what i'm saying", and "Seriously?" "Really?" "You know what i mean?" and all that other stuff would disappear. But each morning as i wake someone says one of those stupid phrases. (Random thought of the day i guess)
what i really want to talk about is the super bowl, and i know what your thinking. "Alright! a football fan who is going to talk about what matters!" or "Not another critique of a game played yesterday, thats what everyone is talking about." Well NO! its not that i dont like football i do, but the game is not what i want to talk about, who cares who won and who lost, the title only stands for a few months and then everyone is back at it trying to kill each other to get yet another trophy. What i really want to talk about are the commercials, because lets face it EVERYBODY LOVES COMMERCIALS! well not everybody, but they are funny, and while this year they weren't the greatest I laughed at a few. Three to be exact.

This one is one of my favorites! nothing beats this kids reactions, even without seeing his face he does a great job acting and showing his frustration and surprise. When i have a kid i want him to be just like this!!!! that dog is like what is going on?!? and i love the father, hes just like eh... ill let him have some fun. i died laughing.

another one was this:

and i know what your thinking, what a cruel person! to do that to a dog! its OK the dog gets him back. there really isnt anything to say about this video its just funny and totally a win.

i know what your going to say "YOUR RACIST!" no i'm not, i just have a thing about kids standing up and showing who's boss. This video is hilarious. and made me smile. It was actually aired about two years ago on super bowl and was so funny they had to bring it back. and i commend them, not for bring it back, but creating a commercial so funny people actually wanted it back. you cant say that about many commercials.
anyway that's my spill on the super bowl. Wait what? You actually wanted me to talk about the game? alright alright alright fine i will.

This is a short video of nick collins making a touch down after an interception. This is why the Steelers lost. and im going to get a lot of you saying "WROTHSBURGER TIPPED THE PASS!" yeah well how many interceptions were thrown? HUH? yeah OK i thought so, point and case.
im not really a football fan so I digress.

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  1. Very nice! I really like the dorritoes comercials. :-)

    And hey, I figured out how to think my livejournal to this. yay