Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pizza Rolls are the key to freedom

Day two of the Blizzard....
I woke at nine this morning, more to the fact that my alarm went off in my ear then actually wanting too. I was supposed to be at work today, and yes Reynolds Ford was opened, however i called Zak to see if i was needed. He answered and explained that if i could get over the ten feet snow drifts and make it through the parking lot without falling into a quicksand of snow, then he would meet me on the other end of the building and allow me to clock in. I thought for a few minutes as i laid my head back down on my pillow and came to a brilliant conclusion. Today is my day off. (which it was but my boss told me to make it there at ten) So i told Zak i wont be making it to work today and curled back up into my nice warm bed. Let him freeze to death in the body shop with nothing to do.
I woke again around eleven thirty with Chris rummaging through some stuff. I had forgotten tomorrow he leaves for his ski trip. I was quite sure, and i know this sounds ironic, that they had been snowed out of it... but no. So the only entertainment i was going to have was now leaving Today to start his long drive to Colorado. Well i see it this way, if hes gone all i have to do is get rid of Rion and i can have the place to myself.
Seeing as rent was due yesterday i decided to actually get my butt out of bed and try to make it the block to seven-eleven to get some money orders. Dragging Chris along we both got into my car and off we went. For clarification Chris held onto the safety handles the entire time while i floored the car and swerved all over the road! Now i hate driving, its boring its annoying and you cant do anything. BUT! when there is ice and snow on the road, my car becomes the only amusement park ride I enjoy, and at the expense of everyone else in the car, I make the most of it! So as i'm smiling away driving Chris is turning catholic and quoting the rosary.
after getting the money i realize i'm hungry, and that due to yesterdays blizzard and no money to begin with, we are out of food in the house. I got a gift card to Wal-mart and decided now was the best time to pick up some food for one day. what did i get? fifty dollars of PIZZA ROLLS! yes pizza rolls will set you free! they are so delicious and tasty and make me so happy :))) <------ this is me smiling from ear to ear (or a smile with two chins.. never actually knew what it meant)
Now for a relaxing day of video games, junk food, and if Rion sleeps all day, time to myself. Which should be very enjoyable.
I do however want to point out for those of you who are beginning to wonder if all im going to do is complain or write every little detail about my day down onto the internet like some over zealous pompous prick who thinks everyone cares what he did fifteen minuets ago while in the bathroom, the answer is NO! I'm just bored and the snow has given me little to write about.
I will however leave you with this mind blowing comment: Warm water freezes quicker than cold water, the reason being is because the molecules in the warm water are bouncing around faster than in the cold water, as the warm water molecules frantically bounce around they expel mass amounts of heat and freeze, while the cold water molecules are moving slower and their for to not lose heat as fast. want to try it out? fill a bucket of boiling water and throw it into the air outside, it turns to snow, throw a bucket of cold water in the air outside, it melts the ice.


  1. No! You need to keep writing blogs, whether you're bored or not! And they don't always have to be uber detailed about just anything, write what you feel about writing about -- stories, major things, or even minor things, it's whatever. xD

    That water thing was fascinating though --- I have noticed that before when my dad uses cold water on frozen ice on cars instead of hot... Hrmmm :0

  2. Nice, sounds like you've had a pretty exciteing day so far. enjoy those pizza rolls. X3 haha! and stay warm and safe, no more crazy driving XD k? haha! and nice I never knew that. Im the crazy peroson who throws hot water on my car windshild to make the ice melt off of it only to see it refreeze before my eyes. D: now I know why XD so thanks XD

  3. 50 buck worth of pizza rolls!!!!!!!! What have we talked about! You naughty thing! Lol. Im gonna smack your hand when I see you. And we'll talk about the driving later