Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Weirdness, with a hint of sarcasm

HI! it's me, the owner of your favorite blog, or only blog, or maybe you dont care at all your just reading to satisfy my over zealous need for attention. What ever your reason it doesn't matter. I haven't posted every day, been to busy, life's complicated. I do have a life outside of the internet. However most of you probably dont believe that statement -.- but it is true.
anyway i'm thinking of posting three times a week now, Mondays defiantly. Everyone needs something fun on a Monday and its where im at my most random, and possibly most sarcastic. Other days would probably include Wednesday and Friday, maybe Saturday. I love you all and I hope you love me *Shrieks and begs for attention.*
SO interesting things that have been consuming my mind? Fun ideas that you can try at home? Cosmic answers that have arrived at my door step? (what is it with me and cosmic situation?) anyway yes yes and no, but still trying.
First off YOUTUBE! yeah i know, im a little late on this band wagon, but eh what can you do. So i have finally discovered some of the best things on youtube. and while most of you are like "We are on it all the time, or thats so last year" SHUTUP! this is my moment to talk... or write. First things first, Philip defranko, News and entertainment blog, i watch every episode and he has kept me up to date on not only whats in the news but of new models and fun gadgets. And he is just as sarcastic as me, we are so fun loving i can hardly stand being ME! but i do it anyway. i mean lets face it could anyone else handle two over zealous attention whores named Jace? i didnt think so.
second thing on youtube is a little weird. found her recently in a music video about Star Trek, now tell me what do you get when you take a scifi fanatic fan base, take a really cute teenage girl, and write a song about love in the stars? about a million views and a new fan club. but its not bad, its actually funny to see how much this girl knows about star trek and how much she really is a nerd over it. So all you nerd and geeks of Star Trek, there is still hope for you, you can still get a geeky girl that look like a goddess, just loose a few pounds and the glasses. HEY i'm here to help ok dont get so upset! anyway other things she does is sing in JAPANESE! i'm sold, this girl is amazing. Maybe ill meet her when im in CALI, maybe not just a thought. If you want to check out here stuff BAM! MEEKAKITTY thats her screen name and where everything is posted. And while your there look up the song DONT UPLUG ME. great computer humor. which is actually done by a band called "All caps" so check out what you want.
What else? IT IS SATURDAY! and no one has talked to me at all today, well OK so my true friends have, so if you didnt text me SHAME ON YOU! (Can you tell i'm a little hyper) its a little crazy, i was told i was being weird, which is true, and it is weird. as weird as if Parris Hiltion ever became a psychologist... LORD SAFE US ALL! and he shall, unless your a apple user than im sorry, satan made that... you just go to hell.. JK JK i kidd the retards, but seriously, Satan can never make anything right. God created the bible, Satan says "I can do that too" and he creates the Qur'an. Just not the same *shakes head in shame* just not the same. OK away from the horribly unfunny jokes and bad humor, unless you find that funny than shame on you too, but no seriously it was funny laugh. LAUGH!
In other news Valentines day is coming up, and i might post on Monday, but if i don't then this will be my V-day post. You never know i might be busy, with a girl, on a date.... *shakes head* no in wont, BUT! if i do then yeah i wont be posting. so V-day, and all you guys are going WHAT DO I GET HER!?!? and thats why you come to me. Okay lets be honest if you are coming to me for valentines day ideas then you buddy have hit your all time low, I've been single for three years, has it been three years? oh my gosh it has.... *cries in a corner* but if you do seek advice from me on this matter, dont get her a card! nor chocolates. that stuff is so overrated and dull. roses however are always a must, girls love flowers, and leafs, but that's another story. What you should do is do something special. something WOW, or SURPRISING! see girls love it when you show them you care, and what better way to show you care then to put some effort into Valentines day. Take her out to eat at a nice restaurant. then take a walk in the moonlight through some park, after shes all tired from the talking and kissing and walking. Sit her down on a bench and give her a nice massage. After all this then pull out what ever gift you bought and give it to her. Not only did you make her day with all that came before but you also gave her a memento to remember the night by. and it doesnt have to be something fancy just a little something to help her remember you love her, because lets face it just because we say it EVERYDAY does not mean it counts as much as a gift on V-day.
Thats all i have for you today, i didnt get around to talking about my book but i will sometime in the short future, sorry. However got anything else you want me to add to that list put it in the comment box and ill see what i can do. Here however is an assignment, Get one friend to read and follow me on my blog. "Jace what will this accomplish for me?" you ask. Well it will fuel my over growing demand for attention and make you feel like a real friend *cheesy yet awesome smile*

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