Friday, February 4, 2011

Internetz, we all has it

It is Friday at one in the morning....
Why write this late? maybe because i have a strong connection to the moon, or maybe its because at night everything lines up and my brain connects with the universe and tells me wonderful life changing things. Or maybe because i can't sleep and i'm bored. (im going with the first two options.) anyway not what i am wanting to say, its just a side note. something i do a lot, and will do a l----hey look a quarter! anyway?
OH YES. GOD SAVE US ALL FROM STUPID PEOPLE! and when i say stupid people i don't mean people that dress up in tutus at walmart (even though they are eighty five years old) or the people who wear their pants around their ankles, or even the grown men with no teeth spitting tobacco drinking beer and doing death defying tricks off their roof.... no no what stupid people im talking about is the rich, the people with pull, and oh yes GOVERNMENT. (i think there was a joke there, im not sure) let me speak for a moment, even though no one cares. I dont claim to know much about politics, nor do i care to know about them, but with everything that's going on in this world i have to stop for a moment and go WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! did that really just happen?
since january twenty fifth, Egypt has been protesting their government and their president. It has gotten so bad that hundreds of thousands of people have been marching in the streets. Why haven't you heard of this? maybe you just don't care, maybe its that you don't watch T.V. BUT! it could be to the fact that Egypt TURNED OFF THE INTERNET! still doesnt give you an excuse but i will work with you. What has been happening is that the Egyptian people have been protesting against the president. He at one point fled the country and then once that did not work fired or laid off the entire government staff. He apparently thinks the people are mad at the political people he put in office, not him. But he has agreed not to run for office again which is another seven months from now. The Egyptians didn't seem to like this and so they are still marching. so if anyone wants to be supportive take to the streets and "walk like an Egyptian." (if you didnt get that joke you my friend missed the 80's)
In other political news Canada has limited bandwidth to 75 gigs a month. After exceeding the limit they have begun to charge five dollars a gig! now for all you non geeks out there you are probably going "Ummm so?" NO! this is very important! 75 gigs a month? i go through that in a week if not more, way more! this isnt per person but per router! which means if you have more than two computers in a house you would end up using over 75 in a week. Now tell me if Canada can do this, and i will admit Canada is a little messed up, what is stopping our Government from doing the same? whats worse? Our Government is talking about putting an "on off" switch to our countries internet! what is their reasoning? "Cyber terrorism" COME ON OBAMA! you really going to think im going to believe that? Its because they are afraid of the same thing in Egypt, if we put one toe out of line all they have to do is shut down the internet. now for all you facebook nuts and youtube cravers this would destory you. but to geeks around the country, it would destroy their very existence, their way of life, and it would cut all contact with most of the nation. we would be lost in a stupor of confusion! how to remedy this? We all buy carrier pidgins! you tell me "Ah.. Jace? we do have cell phones..." and i would agree.... but iv always wanted a pidgin to send letters with and this is a great situation to bring them back.
On a completely different and less political note this is the third snow day. and when i say snow day i mean their is snow on the ground, not that im off work. Because lets face it i'm rarely off work. and while it was supposed to be melting their shall be more snow. yes i said it more snow! it comes in tomorrow, and while its supposed to be light flurries and such, it is also supposed to hit monday... and tuesday... and possibly wednesday. Tell me did Oklahoma open a portal some where? as much as we believe this place is connected to Hell at least their its warm, here we have tapped into a unbelievable cash cow of snow... now if only i can make my car run on this stuff. But i will be at work tomorrow and saturday, and monday, and tuesday. so the only silver lining i can find in this is i'm getting paid, and i need money. So i will smile, grin and bare it.
i will leave everyone with this thought: if you are going to attempt my boiling water in the air stunt i talked about last post, make sure of two things; one! that its boiling, warm water does nothing but cause a mess; and TWO! THROW THE WATER AWAY FROM YOU! My uncle found a video on youtube of someone doing this very same trick, filled a pan of warm water straight from the tap and threw it up in the air, apparently he threw it straight up and gravity took over. Drenched himself from head to toe which then began to instantly freeze all over him. so be careful.

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  1. I think you should get a pigeon anyways. just for fun. :) although maybe that was the most entertaining of this particular blog. the others were good. hope youre having fun with this.