Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cloth's of the Sinner

Tonight you will not find comedy, you will not laugh. Tonight is a night of thought, of wonder. To sit back and ponder the many roads of life, and which ones you walk.
Out on my balcony i was sitting in my chair as i always do. Taking the last drag from my cig, i began to think. (which usually happens when i sit outside) The moon covered somewhat by the transparent clouds, and while the street lights illuminated the sky a few stars could be seen. What you are about to read are my thoughts:

My faults i carry deep within

the burden of my darkest sins
but made of denim, and cotton weave

i shield myself just like a thief

I walk among the city streets

clothed within the fashion sheaths

so that the world may never know

my darkest days and heart of coal.

as a child i once said to the cotton tree

i will never know the shame to be covered in thee

but now grown and lived a life of sin

the cotton tree hides me from within

Do we all wear our sins each day

within the cloths we all display?

is this denim nothing more

than a stocking for my sins to grow?

and is cotton the best defense

to hide the sinning sequence

that lives throughout are daily lives?

can i rid myself of my caged attraction

and live a life of a sinless fashion

or must i always display my sins each day

to the world by my choice of clay

till the day the lord can say

your sins are gone take off the ragged cloths

and come with me to a world without your shame

or the need to cover that which i have made


to wear the cloth of sin

but cloth myself within

the truth and light of Gods great life

and live eternally with him.

I wrote a rough draft book titled "Peters Hand" which was about a girl on the cliff of suicide searching for hope. Peter who was a mysterious friend helps her escape from her life into a world she doesn't understand. While she goes through trials and pain within this same world, and at first she comes to hate Peter, realizes that everything she has gone through is by her own making. One big part in the book is that its constantly raining if she isn't holding Peter's hand. through out the book she is always changing cloths and letting the old ones dry out, each set of cloths only last a little while in the rain and begin to make her sick from the cold and wetness. A meaningful metaphor symbolizing the committing and forgiving of sin.
When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden, they immediately realized they were naked and were ashamed of this fact. God made them cloths to cover their bodies. As humans we are ashamed of a lot of things: Our past mistakes, our lies, even our bodies. cloths do a great job of covering it all up. Think about this for a second, without clothing we couldn't hide a thing. Bruises would be shown, scars, marks, everything about the body. No cutter could cover up self inflicted marks, no wife could cover a bruise given to her by her abusive husband, and no identifying mark would be hidden from anyone's eyes. So is true with sin, we try our hardest to cover it all up with what we wear and more importantly how we act, but even though we cloth and hide ourselves from others, God can still see everything. He does see everything, which is scary, but also reassuring. Even after every sin you commit, God still loves you, still wants you with him, and still paid the ultimate price for you which is still yours to freely take. clothed or not, God knows every mark on your body, on your heart, and on your soul.
These are just a few of my thoughts, but i would like to leave you with a prayer.

Dear lord, my creator and God in heaven.
this world is Yours as you made it, and so is Yours to take away
but in the time that i have been given
i give it all back to You
for You are my God, and salvation.
I ask that You give the strength needed to carry out not only Your daily works
but that all my friends and those reading this will also be given strength
that You bless us with Your wisdom when we are weak
and grant us peace when we are weary
and let Your light show the way when we are blind
You are my God, You are life
and without You my life is none
In your holy name, amen.


  1. That was beautiful Jace. Thank you for sharing that, and for your prayer at the end. Can I read that Peters Hands story some times? It sounds amazing... and familiar if you know what I mean. :) *hugs* Love ya Jace.

  2. Also I know what you mean.. we try to cover up so much in our life. I know I do it... :( I really like what you wrote. the ending was wonderful

    to wear the cloth of sin
    but cloth myself within
    the truth and light of Gods great life
    and live eternally with him.

    Love it. ^_^ Gods got great and wonderful plans for you Jace. :)

  3. That was a beautiful blog, Jace -- and truly inspiring. We all do try to cover up things, whether it be sins or past mistakes, or even fallacies we see in ourselves, physical or otherwise. But God sees all and He STILL loves us. It's such a phenomenal, graceful love :)

    thanks for sharing this Jace, I love your blog, thoughts and writing :) Keep on sharing. *hugs*