Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The First of he Fall of Comedy

I have committed a crime, I have become that which i despise. No not a hipster.... If i ever became a Hipster, and this is permission for everyone that know me and those who see me just on the streets, Pour molting hot oil on me and set me on fire. Watch me burn in a blaze of glory that i many only achieve as i die! NO HIPSTER! The crime I have admitted to is creating this thing you are reading now. A blog....
And as such is a blog i shall point out that the only reason i have created this in the first place (no not to share my comments to the world. The world couldn't care less of my opinion and I couldn't care even less what the world cares what i think) No the truth of the matter is I have been snowed in, and to create something that resembles entertainment I have dropped to the level of writing my thoughts on the internet for others to mull over and laugh at, or consider, (If you are even a sliver of a human being. aka not a hipster.)
I live in a one bedroom apartment with two other people, My brother, and my childhood friend Chris. We have all been snowed in today, and its most seemingly looking like tomorrow as well. With four game systems, and three computers you would think us completely okay with entertaining ourselves. BUT! the problem doesn't lie with all the systems, it lies with the one T.V. we own and the argument of who gets to play on it. Which in the end creates the problem of Boredom!! Which is the reason for this entry.
So after staring at the wall seeing if by some magical will power i have yet to discover i could make the paint chip. No success so i moved on, after obtaining the T.V. for a short amount of time I gave in and decided i did not care how cold it was outside i would muster through the weather and have myself a smoke! ........no couldnt do it, i froze completely and put it out half way through. Which is probably the cause to my aggression and agitation today about being stuck inside.
My nerves however have been shot to the extreme and even talking to my computer in little letters that form a some what intellegent sentence and therefore combining to create a one sided conversation, i am about to blow my stack and scream! so before i break something im going to bed.


  1. Haha that was interesting XD So is this going to be your only post since your only writing this because your bored? I hope you'll write more Keeper of the Pages. Love your blog title by the way. ^_~ and Im so excited non the less that you made a blog and blogged. haha! you have to admit it was fun. << tehe. and dont be bored, find your bible or a nice book, or even start to write something. and post it on your blog. *cough* haha XD any way. Hope to see more blogs. :) and why no hipsters? that part confused me XD

  2. It's about time. You should share your thoughts. If not, they may drive you nuts. Lol. Sorry you're so bored. I think we all are. :-(
    I thought you quit smoking... lol, I knew it wouldn't last. You're so silly. Glad you boys didn't go nuts all cooped up though. I almost did. After all, wouldn't you if you were cooped up in a house with my sister? Haha.
    Keep writing. And sharing!! bye

  3. Yes! Jace has started a blog! Very interesting first post by the way too, very entertaining. xD I'm sure you'll love blogging -- and it's not a one sided conversation to yourself, think of it as a letters you're sending off to all your friends who are following you on here, that we get to read and then reply back to. :3

    Now that you started one me and Cheryl will be hounding you to keep updating! Bahaha!