Thursday, February 10, 2011

NO BARBIES! (Willow Wisps Chorus)

Hello friends, what do you think of my new format? Let me know what you think. If you have any ideas on templates or ways to make this place look more friendly and or awesome let me know. i'm always taking suggestions and ideas. Which brings me to another question. If you guys have a topic or idea you want me to write about leave it in the comment section below, I always enjoy writing about what subjects people want to read, and tearing it apart and making fun of it on some occasions. I do have to put a warning, if you ask me to write about barbie or who i think will win "The next top model" you wont get a serious blog, you will get something like this:
Barbies, are in nature evil and satanic creatures made of plastic. I would never let my kids play with them, not because dolls terrify me to death (and they do), but because their head spins 360 degrees without losing their smile, their bodies are so fake and perfect that the only real human you can see with such a figure is in Hollywood full of more plastic than it takes to make hundreds of barbies, ah yes Hollywood the only place in America that has more silicon then silicon Vally. But seeing as both of them are in Californian I'm beginning to wonder if the rest of the world has enough silicon or that they just stole it all.
so there no barbies. Anyway please give your opinions and your ideas. another thing i ask is that when you see a poll (and there will be many of them) please vote, I want to make them fun and i want to see everyone response and put them in my blog. so the more you participate the more i can make fun or talk about you :). Love you all.
So a few of you asked me to post this up there, i actually know it by heart now. One of those things I just wrote and then never forgot:

When the night grows long
and the willow wisps song
spills out among the skies.
You will find me in my home
among the trees and woodland comb
sitting on the grass grown stumps.
Take to heart the sight you see
and remember it forever be
the scene which the willows sing.
And take your seat among the hills
all the children who seek the thrills
of the willow wisp chorus.

And there you go, hope you enjoy it. I did and it helped a lot. Ever get to that point where you just cant go on, and feel as if there is no place that you can rest. I find quoting this poem helps.

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  1. I like your blogs new format. :D and write some about your story. :D love that poem by the way. :) Hope your doing well.